Sunday, 2 October 2011

Precious Baby Collection

Tupper Code : 11100030
Tupper Description : Precious Baby Collection
Comprises :
OT Canister Small with Prints (1) 2L
Baby Bottle(2) 8 oz
Baby Bottle Cap & Collar(2)
New Tri-flow teat (2)
Gift box
Original Price : RM105
RM89.30 now!!

Exclusive Purchase :
Tupper Code : 11069472
Tupper Description : compact canister with prints (2) 600ml
Original Price : RM35
RM24.50 now!!
** with every purchase of  11100030 only!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

A504 + A505 Modular Mates Special

 A504 Modular Mates Mini Rectangular II (6) 1.9L

Selling Price : RM178.80

18.5cm (L) x 14.1cm (W) x 11.5cm (H)

Modular Mates Rectangular III (2) 6.5L
28.2cm (L) x 18.5cm (W) x 17.2cm (H)
worth RM 107.80 with every purchase of A504

 [ free with purchase of A504]

You can purchase A505 in special price upon purchase of A504 :

A505 Modular Mates Rectangular II (2) 4.3L
Original Price :RM83.60 
Promotion Price : RM58.40
Save: 30% off  With every purchase of A504 
28.2cm (L) x 18.5cm (W) x 11.5cm (H)
it's amazing! get it now!

TH0011 Allegra Special

TH0011 Allegra Special:

Allegra 4 peas server (1)
Allegra Serving centre (1)
Allegra Bowl (1)

Retail: RM220.00
TH Special : RM150 including shipping within Malaysia!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Tupper Sharing : Chicken Little!

Tupper Diary is somewhere we share what we see, listen, read... which we feel interesting or knowledgeble with our readers! Stay tune with us always for every little new things!

Image & Idea Source :
~My Tupperware House added in ingredient's details on above image~

A picture is worth a thousand words, we no need to do any explanation on above lovely image!
Prepare it for your toddies today! Delight his/her school days with lovely lunch box ingredients~

Have a nice day!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Eco Bottle 1L (Limited Time Promotion!)

Tupper Code : A363
Tupper Description : Fresh Lime & Chili Blue Eco Bottle 1L
Capacity: 1L
Dimension: 26.7cm(H) X 9.5cm(D)
Orignal Price : RM 49.80
2pcs per set(Green & Blue)
* Strap is NOT included. Selling Price : RM5.90/pcs
* Strap is NOT covered by the Tupperware® Lifetime Warranty
Now on promotion, RM25 per unit (blue OR green) including strap. Limited Stock, first come frist serve.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Steam It

Tupper Code : 59021
Tupper Description : Steam It
Dimension: 19.9cm (H) x 22.9cm (D)


Tupper Code : 58190
Tupper Description : LARGE STOR N' POUR
Capacity: 650ml
Dimension: 9.0cm (D) x 19.3cm (H) (inclusive cap)

 These containers are ideal for indoor use, when you throw a barbecue or when out on a picnic.

* Seal with slanted spout lets you pour without dripping.
* Moulded, slim-sized finger grip for easy handling.
* Classic Sheer container makes content identification easy.
* Prepare, store and serve salad dressings.
* Store and pour barbecue sauces, syrup, soy sauce, cooking oil, vinegar or chili sauce.
* Store crushed nuts.


Season Serve

Tupper Code : 58177
Tupper Description : Season Serve
Capacity: 8.7L
Dimension: 30.8cm (L) x 26.1cm (W) x 10.2cm (H)  

Features & Benefits:
* Identical grid design of both container and seal allow juices to flow easily around & under food. Just flip container to marinade completely.
* High domed seal provides extra space.
* Handy gripping area on seal and base lets you hold and flip easily.

The base and cover comes with specially-designed grids for even marinating & easy drainage of excess marinades and oil.

Garlic-N-All Keeper

Tupper Code :54550
Tupper Description : Garlic-N-All Keeper
Capacity: 3.0L
Dimension: 28.8cm (L) x 18.8cm (W) x 17.2cm (H)

Where do you keep the garlic, onions, potatoes and ginger in your kitchen?

Garlic-N-All Keeper is the perfect solution because it is stackable, saves lots of counter-top space and its special lid allows air to circulate, keeping these foods fresh.

With the click-lock lid, it is a truly hygienic way of keeping food away from rats, lizards and cockroaches!